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Client Testimonials

Sara, preschool teacher

“Eli's knowledge and passion were enlightening. In the calming ambiance and private space of YOU on plum, I was weighed, measured and given an App that Eli has access to! Once a week I do a resistance training workout (I feel every muscle worked!) and I am gaining strength and balance that I thought was lost with aging! Three months into my journey I have lost 20 lbs but,have gained a beautiful empowering teacher, trainer and friend! I am so grateful she is guiding me to be the strong and independent woman I was meant to be! Thank you so much Eli, for your passion to great health practices and your commitment to the community of Everyone's Hometown!” 

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Mary, university professor

"What I enjoy so much about Eli’s studio is the ambience, which is so non-gym like.  Soft “yoga” style music, restful décor, white lovely machines that have a sculptural quality. There is an overall homey feeling.  Eli herself is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly, caring helper, who takes you through the paces she imagines would be most helpful for you (in my case, building up my muscles some), and is as vigorous as you would like it to be.  She is with you every step of the way, with a compliment to go along with your efforts."

Joan, artist 

"YOU on plum is filled with charm and very inviting the moment you walk into the space.  It almost makes the weight training fun!!   Eli’s knowledge of nutrition and her warm encouraging personality make my experience at YOU well worth it.  I keep learning of more ways to cook and eat with-ought carbs and sugar ......I’ve lost weight and feel great!"

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